On the 26th December 2005 we commenced the construction of our Octagonal Workshop Space.

Barbara will be conducting her Colour Healing Workshops here and Neil will be holding STAV Workshops.

This beautiful space will be also be available for clients seeking healing on retreat at THE YGGDRASIL CENTRE

The site overlooks the beautiful mountains of NSW through Snake Gully.

We were overjoyed with the excellent work of our builder Dave Arnott as we posed him some challenges with our eccentric design.

At last the lid [roof] is on and we will be ready for the wall construction very soon.

Early in the New Year 2006 we recommenced work on the beautiful octagon space.

It was amazing to see the little bobcat levelling out the floor inside the building [and a bit scary too].

The entrance ,driveway has been cleared of building timbers which are now sited ready for the walls, on the floor inside.

A 1000 gallon tank has been installed and connected and lo and behold it rained so it is now one third filled.

A composting toilet has been built into the ground at the back of the site and the walls of the building are slowly taking shape.

We have our sights set on May for the opening ceremony but rather than stress, time will dictate our progress.

September 2006

Time has rushed away and we have continued to work slowly at the octagon healing/reteat/workshop space.

In May we hosted two wonderful people there; Dave Watkinson, a Stav Master , and Dave Gilchrist his so called 'fall guy'.

They resided there on and off for 3 months and we hear thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

There is still heaps to do on the building and surrounds but as everyone knows who does any building it is NEVER finished.

Today Neil and I planted 15 more shrubs around the banks there,since it is Spring here and everything is trying hard to grow.

We are looking forward to more visits from dear friends and also Neils first Rune Workshop on November 28th & 29th.

Over the next few weeks we install a 5000 gallon tank to cope with the drought and finish off the inside walls.

March 2007

Months have flown past and the blistering hot Australian summer has almost left us.

We have been hard at work finishing off the octo...space. The pressed tin lining has been installed and painted .This was a great find of recycled product through dear friends. It looks very organic ,if that is possible, wrapped around and cut into the timber poles.We have our solar power connected there at last, so there will be no more candles for lighting unless we want them.

In December we experienced our closest bushfire. We evacuated the cottage and prepared our defence in the octagon. There were 4 anxious days when we could see the flames and hear the firefighters.

This year was exceptionally torrid and our trees have suffered but now rain has arrived.

The octagon is shaping up to nearly finished and has half of the decking on the verandah. The rest will be on by the end of the month..

The composting loo is in action and we feel quite proud that we can offer such an eco-friendly workshop, healing space.

January 2008

Well the space at our octagon has been put to good use all year. There have been numerous visitors seeking retreat and they are finding our space to be exactly what is needed.

I have been also painting in the space and it has provided me with such a delightful energy as a studio.

This year we have quite a few visitors arriving for various workshops.

Master David Watkinson: Stav Australia. Will be visiting from the United Kingdom. September 08 facilitating workshops in Watkinsons Stav in Geelong and Sydney.

Nancy O'Donahue [Molly Larkin] author of 'The Wind is my Mother" will be visiting from the USA in October. Facilitating workshops in Sweat Lodge and Womens Fire Ceremony.








This is our cottage with liliums blooming

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