Alchemy of Colour

About the Artist

Barbara worked as a trained nurse in hospitals in Australia until 1989.

Her ability to recognise energy fields around people was always a sacred mystery for her.

Her developing artistic skills led her to open an Art Gallery in her local town and exhibit some of her paintings from the many exhibitions she had mounted.

During this time she was also studying Healing Touch energy based method of hands on healing.

With the encouragement of the Healing Touch Foundation she formulated her own program for healing with colour based also around her skills in handpainting silk.

Barbara now works full time with her silk painting business and travels extensively through Australia and U.S.A. presenting her colour healing workshops

For Further information see Colour Therapy Academy of Australia.

Courses available.

Colour Combinations

At Alchemy of Colour we have 62 varied colour combinations for specific healing purposes.

To see some of our amazing collection view the Handpainted Silk Gallery.

About Our Fabric

Alchemy of Colour uses the finest quality Chinese silk in a variety of weights.

A strong polyester thread is used to sew all garment seams.

About Our Dyes

We use french dye.

This dye is steamed into the fabric to become permanent.Each garment is then test-washed and ironed.

There is no bleeding of colour, although there may be some excess dye eveident in the first few washes.


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