Colourtherapy Academy of Australia

Sacred Rainbow Healing

A 3 Level Course of 2 day workshops are available.

The courses include the use of specifically handpainted coloured silk which is used to clear, energise and consolidate the human energy field. These silk tools are available for purchase at the workshops.

Level 1& 2......[A 2 day workshop]

This Program is approved and certified through The Colorado Center for Healing Touch for C.E.U.credits in U.S.A. for Registered Nurses and Massage therapists [N.C.B.T.M.B.].

Workshop Format

~~~ We will facilitate an inner journey using the ancient method of didjeridoo sound to open the body to subtle vibrations.

~~~ Learn the dimensions of the human energy field and the colour vibrations within it.

~~~ Learn to apply colour therapy to everyday life and your healing practice.

~~~ Receive instructions on specific techniques to energise, cleanse, vitalise,suffuse and balance the body with colour.

~~~ Specific techniques using the Gold and Silver Rays to heal.

The course includes Review of findings

General discussion and

Course evaluation

Cost :AU$ 440.00

Certificate of Attendance upon completion.

Sacred Rainbow Healing 3 [2 days]

Advanced Work in Double Rainbow techniques.

[Students must have completed Sacred Rainbow 1]

Instruction, Demonstration and Experiential work in :

~~~ Instruction in new dynamics of the energy field

~~~ Using specific advanced techniques to repair the chakras [energy centres ] of the body.

~~~ Advanced and powerful work in the dynamics of the double rainbow and its application to healing the energy field.

~~~ This workshop develops skills in colour healing that are both fast and effective.

Cost :AU$440.00

Walking The Blueprint [2 Day Workshop]

Introduction to deep psychic work within the energy field, working with the power of personal and group ceremony, using sound and colour.

~~~ Discover inner hidden healing resources.

~~ Find spiritual connections to your lifepath, and inner guidance.

~~~ Explore personal power symbols.

~~~ Create vivid imaging as an integral part of self-healing

Cost: AU$440.00

Instructors Courses

Sacred Rainbow Healing 1 [2 Day Workshop]

[Students must have compled Sacred Rainbow 1 & 11 & 111]

~~~ This course is suitable for students wishing to present colourtherapy workshops to small or large groups as part of and affiliated with The Colourtherapy Academy of Australia.

~~~ A 2 Day Intensive Workshop to develop skills in teaching the principles of the Level 1 of the Sacred Rainbow Healing Course.

>> Access to reduced wholesale prices for all handpainted silk tools used in the workshops

~~~ Professional support and followup.

~~~ Requirements : submission upon completion of 15 session studies in colourtherapy.

~~~ Completion of a multiple choice question paper.

Cost: AU$2500.00

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