Handpainted Silk Gallery

Black Rainbow Drape.....AU $120

The ultimate in energetic protection, with iridescent colours

The colours shining through the luminous black silk will amaze you.

Rainbow Energiser Drape.....AU $95

Suffuses the body's energy field with all spectral colours.

Provides strong healing energy.


Emotional Healer Nurturer Grounding Drape.....AU $95

Consolidates scattered energy and provides nurturing and grounding.

Gentle yet strong colour vibration. Excellent for healing shattered emotions.

Blueprint Drape.... $95

Connects you to your Lifeplan and assists with calm healing.

An excellent drape for use during meditation.

Chakra Pouch and Scarf Set......AU $95

7 specifically designed and 'tuned' scarves, to energise and balance the body's chakras.

Contained in a handpainted quilted Rainbow Pouch.

Ceremonial Gown: SPIRIT WOMAN .........AU $350.

Individual and entirely handpainted with hood. Fully lined with Black Rainbow silk.

Handmade glass fastener. This gown can be reversible with black rainbow outside.

Ceremonial Gown NATURE WOMAN.......AU $350.

Copies or individual pieces made to order

Individually handpainted and reversible with hood.

Fully lined with Black Rainbow Silk. Handcarved dove fastener.

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