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Handpainted Silk - Price List

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Healing Drapes 2.5 x 1 metre Lightweight Silk

1/ ....#.9 Emotional Healer/ Nurturer and Grounder

[ Combines pink, angel blue, clear green and golden brown in shimmering random form. ]

*.Consolidates energy

*.Provides nurture and grounding.........AU $95


2/ ......Rainbow Energiser

[ Combines red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet in an iridescent random rainbow ]

*.Suffuses the energy field with all spectral colours providing strong energy

AU $95


3/ ...Chakra Scarf Set & Bag

[ Brilliantly coloured small scarves for your personal or professional use. ]

*.7 specifically designed "tuned" scarves to energise and balance the body's chakras,

contained in a quilted rainbow pouch. ......AU $95


4/ ... Personalised Healing Drape

[ Shimmering channelled colours reflecting the colours of your energy field and chosen colours for your personal healing.]

*.A personal drape channelled to your own birth date vibration.

Includes written information on your numerology and healing colours. ....AU $120


5/ ... Blueprint Drape

[ Multiple shades of blues to soothe the energetic field of the body.]

*.Connects to your lifeplan and assists in calm healing. ....AU $95


6/ ... Black Rainbow

[ Shimmering rainbow colours shining through a protective black .]

{ This drape is made with an innovative technique of double dye processing)

*.The ultimate in energetic protection Iridescent colours ....AU $120


7/... Black Nurturer

[All the brilliant colours of the #9 drape shining through a protective black.]

*.Colourtherapy rescue remedy. Protects and nurtures ...AU $120


A selection of medium & large scarves are also available, plus simple garments in regular & large sizes

Medium scarf.....AU $25. Long narrow scarf .........AU $25. T-shirts .....AU $45

Large scarf .....AU $45. Pants ......AU $85

Plus postage & handling .. AU $10

Mail orders taken .... Visa and Mastercard Accepted

A selection of 56 colour and colour combinations is available. A new range of luxury

silk fabric featuring velvet, satin, chiffon, is also available.

All garments are handpainted by Barbara

Proudly made in Australia



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