Lineage from the House of Wisdom Fire

Wisdom Fire is the name of the House of the Laderus Lineage of Stav

and the San Francisco Hov is the main Hov of the House.

All Lineages lead back to the Heimbu the senior house of the 5 Houses

There are at present 4 Ves connected to the House of Wisdom Fire

1/ Tyr's- Ve Manly ( Australia ) under Ve-gode Anthony Lange E-Mail

2/ Ulls- Ve Walwa ( Australia) under Ve-gode Neil Lewis E-Mail

3/ Valfreya-Ve Melbourne ( Australia ) under Ve-gydje Amanda Roberts E-Mail

4/ Freyas-Ve Cudgewa Nth ( Australia ) under Ve-gydje Yvette SmitE-Mail

Titles used at Wisdom Fire are Gode, Ve-gode, Ve-gydje and Hov-gode according to function.

There are several Godes / Gydje connected to the house that have not yet established Ve.

Neil Lewis Ull Ve Nth East Victoria Australia

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