The Yggdrasil Tree

Allfather next created a huge Ash called YGGDRASIL, the tree of the universe, of time, or of life, which filled all the worlds, taking root not only in remotest depths of Nifl-heim, where bubbled the spring Hvergelmir, but also in Midgard, near Mimir's well (the ocean}, and in Asgard, near the Urdar fountain.
From its three roots the tree attained such a marvellous height that that it's top most bough, called Lerad {the peace-giver}, over shadowed Odin's hall, while the other wide-spreading branches towered over the other worlds. An eagle was perched on the bough Lerad and between his eyes sat the falcon Vedfolnir, sending his piercing glances down to heaven, earth, and Niflheim, and reporting all that he saw.
As the tree Yggdrasil was ever green, it's leaves never withering, it served as pasture-ground not only for Odin's goat Heidrun, which supplied the heavenly mead, the drink of the gods, but also for the stags Dain, Dvalin, Dueyr, and Durathor, from whose horns honey-dew dropped down apon the earth and furnished the water for all the rivers in the world.
In the seething cauldron Hvergelmir, close by the great tree, a horrible dragon, called Nidhug, continually gnawed the roots, and was helped in his work of destruction by countless worms, whose aim it was to kill the tree, knowing that its death would be a signal for the downfall of the gods.
"Through all our life a tempter prowls malignant,
The cruel Nidhug from the world below.
He hates that asa-light whose rays benignant
On th' hero's brow and glitt"ring sword bright glow."
Viking Tales of the North (R .B. Anderson}
Scampering continually up and down the branches and trunk of the tree, the squirrel Ratatosk {branch-borer}, the typical busybody and tale-bearer, passed its time repeating to the dragon below the remarks of the eagle above, and vice versa, in hope of stirring up strife between them.

Myth of the Norsemen
H. A. Guerber

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