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Ull V'e Nth East Victoria Australia

The Runes of the Young Furthork

"A Way of Life"


Stav of the Lewis family of the Yr Rune

"A Spiritual training system for learning to see the reality about ourselves and the world about us".

Stav can help us to use that reality for living in harmony with ourselves, our community and the natural world.

Neil Lewis is one, of a small group of people world wide, who is recognised as a Stav Practitioner

by the heir to the tradition, " Ivar Hafskjold"

Neil's title is : Neil Lewis Gode of the Ulls V'e in Walwa

Co Host of Yggdrasil Centre

A 1000 acre bushland retreat where students can "Live the Rune Way"

Australian & overseas visitors welcome.

Residential Courses available 2-14 day stay

1/ Fylgjar Retrieval (power spiritual journeying to find your personal rune energy).

2/ Galdr (the relationship of God/dess to the Animal Vegitable & Mineral World).

3/ Learn to carve the Runes ( minimun of 3 days required}

3/ Rune Breathing and Stances.

4/ Runes and the relationship to Norse God/dess.

5/ Norse Social Structure: Karl, Herse, Jarl & Konge.

6/ Martial Arts:the Staff & Walking stick.

7/ Mort & Megin.

8/ Seidr & Galdr

9/ Bindrunes for Healing.

10/ Lineage

11/ the yggdrasil Tree


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