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Freyja's V'e Nth Cudgewa Victoria

Yvette Smit email address

Stav of the Hafsklold Family of the Hagal Rune.

"A spiritual training system for learning to see the reality about ourselves and the world about us.

Stav can help us to use that reality for living in harmony with ourselves, our community and the natural world".

Yvette Smit is one of a small group of people world wide who is recognized

as a Stav Practitioner by the heir to the tradition , Ivar Hafskjold.

Yvette's title is: Ve-Gydje Yvette Smit

Freyja's- Ve Nth Cudgewa

Yvette will introduce you to the use and understanding of the runes in every day life.

1/ Rune readings

2/ Seidr and Trance work

3/ Journeying between the Nine / Seven Worlds

4/ Bindrunes

5/ Carving and casting of runes

6/ Spell casting

Yvette also has a large range of crafts and tools for sale


A Spiritual Retreat.

Glastonbury Farm located at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains near Corryong Victoria

is a spiritual retreat for Pagans/ Wiccans / Druids and like minded people.

The Farm is owned and operated by "Artist's" Barry Lyons & Yvette Smit.

Surrounded by national Parks and farm land, the main aim of the place is to provide a haven for people to gather and celebrate their spiritual beliefs in private away from public view.Full & Dark Moon Rituals are currently held on regular basis, as well as impromptu rituals when the need arises. The farm has a large area set aside as a sacred site with a large circle for rituals, a sacred spring & pond that feeds a large dam for swiming and water rituals. Barry & Yvette hold regular workshops teaching a wide range of subjects of a spiritual nature.


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