What is Colourtherapy

Light is Energy and colour is light.

Colour is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and it is how we perceive light.

Colour is a rich and wonderous experience and one that we have as our most early life memory.

For humans the pineal gland ,which is situated deep between the two hemispheres of the brain, acts as a light meter for the body, receiving light activated information through the hypothalamus.

Hormonal messages are then sent out and the body responds accordingly.

When we are in the light or see bright colours we FEEL really good.

These hormonal messages have a powerful effect on our mind and our body.

This is caused not only by the light but also by 'the memory of the light'

Our memory of colour is built from life experiences .

Throughout history humans have used colour to heal themselves and others.

The most healing colour BLUE ,which I call the "Primary Healer" is energetically the most important colour in our lives and coincidentally is of course the colour of the wide blue sky and the calm sea.

There are energetic vibrations surrounding the body, which can be seen as two layers of colour.This is where energetically we store our emotions.

Energy healers recognise these layers as the Emotional layers.

It is within these layers that colourtherapy has a vital effect on the body's energetics.

As these layers 'store' emotional information, both positive and negative, applying or channelling colour to the layers can move any toxic energy accumulated by life experience, and assist the clearing and more healthy circulation of the energy around the body.

This circulating energy directly reflects the healthy inner body.

Bathing the body in intense colour also affects the 'chakras' energy centres of the body, particularly the main chakras which govern the major organs of the body.

The beauty of using colour to heal is that even though it is a most dynamic form of healing and can have a profound effect on our psyche and wellbeing it is also gentle and links us to our early childhood memories.


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