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Workshop Testimonials

Brisbane 2005

"Deep work- feel there will be profound healing with this technique. Thank you"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Excellent, invaluable, workshop~a privilege to be able to learn from sacred knowledge/wisdom~ being able to have opportunity to raise own vibration/awareness & extend it to others"

"Wonderful & vibrant, lots of time to practice and consolidate techniques.Love the simplicity with profound results"

"Thank you Barbara for all your knowledge ,skills & love that you shared with us"

USA 05

"Just wonderful"

I liked : "Your wisdom, your gentle non-judgmental guidance, the rainbow walk through the scarves, and your deep connection to truth"

"Beautiful, gentle way to guide us through the essence of color.You are one of the most gifted jewels the Universe has given and I am deeply blessed to be a part of your healings"