Your Personal Healing Drape

Your Very Own Personal Healing Drape

This pure silk hand painted drape 2.5 yards in length is channelled to your birth date vibration.

Testimonial from C.Hawkes in Athens G.A. 2004

"I received your package with delight and when I opened the plastic and the drape swept across my skin for the first time, I was filled with an intense joy that emanated from my soul star outward then through every particle of my being & beyond.

Never have I felt anything close to it! An endorphin rush to be sure.Wow ! I cried! So very beautiful...."

Testimonial from Lisa McLain in U.S.A . January.2005

"I had to write to you and tell you how incredibly beautiful the drape is that you did for me...I have never seen anything like it and have had the most vivid dreams since I began using it. I am forever indebted to you".

Each personal healing silk drape is:

#. Individual and unique

# . Tuned to your empowerment & healing

#. Brilliantly coloured & hand painted

#. Has information included for your individual Colourtherapy.

#. Includes written information on:

~.your birth date numerology
~.your ruling number
~.your personal year number
~.your 9 year pyramid cycles


Mail or Phone Orders taken
Visa/Mastercard Accepted
Price..AU $120
Postage & Handling .AU.$10

To place your order for your Personal Drape
e-mail Barbara

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