Healing Art for the Home and Body

Alchemy of Colour

Alchemy of Colour is Australian Artist Barbara Pritchard, living off the grid in rural Victoria. Barbara has developed a respect and understanding of her natural environment and has developed techniques to work with the Australian bush to create bespoke garments and pieces for the home. Barbara uses all natural fibres because they are in empathy with nature. She believes everything has a story about it’s journey including fibres so the simpler the technique in production the more energetically powerful it is.

“I’ve always loved bringing nature to people through attire.”

Garments are ancient symbols of empowerment. Everything we come in contact with is medicine, whether its food we eat, water we drink, what we wear, it forms us, it forms our lives and it informs our life. The garments are a reflection of my relationship with this land but they also take on a unique life of their own because they carry the message of the eco environment in the print and tell that story.

The flowering of eucalyptus depends on the seasons and the weather and each species flowers at different times of the year or years. I planted a western australian flowering gum – even though I am surrounded by bushland – I planted it 35 years ago. It had never flowered and became a huge tree. 12 months ago it flowered, so I thought: How can I use the flowers and the leaves in my printing? However the canopy was so high that I couldn’t reach them. Then some Australian native birds: Rozellas arrived and they nipped off some of the flowers and the leaves which fell to to the ground and I was able to do use them for the print on the ‘juliette dress’, so that’s how rare that print is.

It's all about slow fashion. What slow fashion brings to the wearer is a connection with the world of nature and people are part of nature, so it brings us to our essence.

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