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Colour is a rich and wonderous experience and one that we have as our most early life memory
Colour is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and it is how we perceive light. For humans the pineal gland ,which is situated deep between the two hemispheres of the brain, acts as a light meter for the body, receiving light activated information through the hypothalamus. Hormonal messages are then sent out and the body responds accordingly.

Colour therapy has a vital effect on the body’s energetics

Colour connects us to our Emotions

  • I am constantly hearing people connect feelings to their perception of colour.

    ” I don’t feel like wearing that colour today”

    “That colour makes me feel uncomfortable ”

    “I love that colour it makes me feel calm”.

    During our lives we are exposed to so many experiences and at the same time there is colour around us so the brain is getting all this information input and processing it .

    There is an experience association between colour and emotion.

Colour connects us to our Culture

In our lives we experience colour through the filter of our culture and how the people we associate with, view colour.

Red in China denotes happiness and celebration

Red in Australian Aboriginal Culture denotes sacredness and ceremony/ blood.

Red in political circles denotes assertiveness and power.

White in Western Culture stands for virginity and the hygiene of hospitals.

White in Eastern culture is symbolic of death and dying.

Colour connects us to Nature

From birth we have had exposure to the blue of the sky, the turquoise of the ocean, the  green of the trees, yellow of the sun,  the violet of the night sky and so on.

When we see colour we are reminded of the formative experiences built up over our lifetimes in seeing nature.

Indigenous communities view the rainbow as a powerful archetype capable of facilitating change

“The beauty of using colour to heal is that it can have a profound effect on our psyche and wellbeing. “

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Throughout history humans have used colour to heal themselves and others

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